This update improved the performance of the app and fixed some minor bugs. The issues with the Shake to reset and Swipe settings are now fixed. These settings are now immediately saved and used for further use. This makes the use of app a lot smoother.

OBS! Shake to reset feature does not ask your confirmation for the reset of the count. This is so to make your counting experience just a bit smoother. Tapping the Reset button does however ask you to confirm if you are sure you want to reset your count. You can turn the Shake to reset setting on or off from the Settings view.

The Buy Pro Version button is now added and visible also on the main view of the counter after some time using the app if you don’t already have the Pro Version. Check out the Pro Features, they are great: no ads, and ability to set the count and increment of the count manually.

Update includes also some other minor performance upgrades and minor bug fixes.

Have a great experience counting almost anything and enjoy the improved version of this Digital Tally Counter app!