Plus Minus Counter – Easy to use tally counter app


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Add or subtract your count

Reset your count and start a new count

Use sound and vibrating alert at your count

Use the pro version to set the increment and base count yourself

– Increase or decrease the count using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.
– Add one to the count by tapping the plus button.
– Subtract one from the count by tapping the minus button.
– Your count is saved for the next time you open the counter app unless you reset the count.
– Reset the counter by tapping the Reset button to start counting fresh from zero.
– Change the settings of the app from the Settings menu.
– Turn on or off the swiping gesture for adding and subtracting.
– Turn the sound on or off.
– The sound is played when you add or subtract the count.
– Turn the vibrating alert on or off.
– The vibrating alert is used when you add or subtract the count.
– Change the colour of text and buttons in the app; choose between 5 different color themes.
– Reset all the settings to default by tapping the Set all to default button.
– Purchase the Pro Version to improve your counting experience: no ads, set the count, set the increment.

See screenshots to see Plus Minus Counter app in action.